Smart Strategies For Eating Healthy Everyday

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Are We Eating Healthy Everyday?

Why is it so hard for us to start eating healthy?  To eat a more nutritious diet, we need to set up a plan where it’s easy for us to succeed.  This means we have to get serious about the types of food we consume as well as what it takes.

Eating Healthy With Food Presentation

Eating healthy begins with the presentation of the food.  If you can create a visual seduction with your food, then your mind will equate healthy food with a pleasurable experience.  This type of mind training does take some work but if you use your imagination you will have a much easier time.  Go ahead.  Make eating healthy fun!

Remember how good you felt when you ate a healthy meal (from being able to sleep better at night to increased energy) as opposed to how you felt when you ate processed junk food? (bloated and gassy, thirsty from the high salt content, and oh! that constant headache).  There’s a good reason for this.  It all comes down to what you put in your body.


Eating Healthy With Smart Strategies

 A smart strategy to keep yourself from falling back into old eating habits is to make sure you always have plenty of fresh and long lasting healthy food in your refrigerator.  Remember, if there is no junk food available to munch on then you will have to start eating healthy foods instead.  And, isn’t that what we want!

Another smart strategy for eating healthy concerns eating one ingredient foods.  The more foods you eat that have only one ingredient (such as fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, nuts and legumes) the easier it will be to wean yourself off of those high-calorie, multi-ingredient,  non-nutritious junk food.  After a while, your body will tell you what it craves and that will be healthy!

Understand What Goes Into Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is a way of life.  It starts from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep.  So what happens in between is your responsibility.  All it takes is one small step.  Don’t be drastic!  You can’t stick to a healthy diet if you try and go cold turkey with every bad food you eat.  It just doesn’t happen that way.  It is a gradual process that works its way into good eating habits.  Make small changes and adjust your body accordingly.

eating healthy grilled salmomA Great Eating Healthy Motivational Technique

It’s hard to get motivated when you want to start eating healthy so I look for something that is more important than the temptations of junk food.  I have three beautiful, healthy children whom I want to see grow up.  And since I have high cholesterol, my children become a powerful motivational technique.  We all have choices to make and I prefer eating healthy and staying alive over dying from bad eating habits.

Know Your Healthy Eating Weaknesses

We all get hunger attacks from time to time and for many of us this is where we give in to our weaknesses.  If you want to tackle your temptations it’s only logical that we keep those temptations far away from us.  You can do this by bringing healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts to munch on at work or in the car, making it a habit to order healthy food that you love to eat (as long as they are cooked in a healthy way) in restaurants and giving yourself the proper nutrition so that you can cheat without feeling guilty.

If you practice good eating habits you will never have to worry about not eating healthy again.

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